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Why Choose ECOTITE?

The comfort and savings you get from spray foam insulation is only as good as its installation. When you hire a contractor that is ECOTITE™ certified you can be sure that they are well trained and will provide the highest quality installation with the industry‚Äôs best insulation products.

All ECOTITE™ certified installers are monitored under a third-party Field Quality Assurance program. This industry-leading process ensures all ECOTITE™ installers know, understand and follow best practices and procedures to produce quality insulation in a safe and effective manner.

Advantages of ECOTITE Installers:

  • ECOTITE™ installers are fully trained, knowledgeable, operate safely and in accordance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Demonstrate and maintain the highest level of quality control within the industry.
  • Compliance with existing standards (CAN/ULC S705.2) and prepared for new developments in the building code (ULC S718).

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